Sales Ideas

Here’s a list of concepts with proven track records. These are ideas that had success on the Network side and lend themselves to local radio.  



Sales Concept 1

Shop During 3-Day Period for a Chance to Win

  • Offer marketing opportunities that target Tiger fans in a creative, memorable way
  • Focus on differences in quality, style, selection and service that consumers will experience
  • Provide Ashley Furniture with the ability to communicate the strong furniture brand names it carries
  • Increase customer traffic to retail locations throughout Memphis and the surrounding areas
Sales Concept or Strategy:

Ashley invited Tiger fans to shop for furniture during a pair of three-day windows. If Memphis went on to win the NCAA Tournament, their furniture was free!

Sponsor’s Objectives:
  • Retail promotion
  • Branding
Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • 10 :10 radio live reads per week leading up to each game to promote the two 3-day promotion windows
  • Opening and closing billboards during each broadcast
  • 6 :30’s in each game broadcast
Quantifiable Results:
  • Promotion worked because an outside entity got people dreaming about how good the team could be
  • Residual media coverage (newspaper, radio and TV news stories)
  • Residual coverage lasted as long as possible (April 7th title game)
  • Copycat promotions (a lot of our customers tried to come up with an idea with the same premise)
  • Turned deal into a multi-year contract with category exclusivity



Sales Concept 2

Create a Growth Chart for Kids


Provide a means for a non-profit to promote an image and educate youth via university athletics.

Sales Concept or Strategy:

Utilize a life size poster holding a glass of milk on a growth chart. Growth chart distribution to kids/parents at select retailers or games to associate milk with growth and strong bodies.

Sponsor’s Objectives:
  • Establish a positive image of milk to kids via sports.
  • Distribute growth charts directly to kids are stores or games
Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • Growth chart promotional giveaway
  • 4 :30’s during each game broadcast promoting giveaway
  • 1 :30 adjacent to each Daily Update
  • 2 :30’s on Coaches Show promoting Growth Chart giveaway
Quantifiable Results:

Sponsor requried a distribution directly to kids or parents and they saw that distribution requirement met. Parents thought it was great concept and continued to come back seeking more charts.


Sales Concept 3

Hotel Sponsor of Schedule

  • To create a package that was a better fit for the client.
  • To get the client excited about “new” inventory and raise the value of the sponsorship.
Sales Concept or Strategy:

The local hotel in Durham, NH is the sponsor of the athletic schedules. Holiday Inn Express saw great value in this and was sold on the opportunity to be the “schedule sponsor.”


Holiday Inn Express

Sponsor’s Objectives:

Holiday Inn Express wants fans to plan to stay at the hotel when they plan to go to a game. This inventory targeted their prospective clients in.

Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • “Schedule Sponsorship”—Online, click-thru logo
  • Logo on schedule materials, which are distributed throughout the community
  • Weekly promos leading up to each game broadcast
  • 2 :30’s during each game broadcast


Sales Concept 4

Develop a “Kid’s Club” for your team


Develop an effective Kids Club initiative for Stanford and generate new partner interest and revenue.

Sales Concept or Strategy:

The Kids Club concept includes incorporating new and existing sponsors to increase the Kids Club exposure amongst current fans by leveraging sponsors local retail locations while also giving partners access to a fun program that is focused on the youth demographic and/or parents.


See’s Candy, McDonald’s

Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • Sponsor logo on Kids Club T-Shirts,
  • live radio mentions promoting the Kids Club
  • 4 :30’s during each game broadcast
  • Title sponsorship of each Coach’s Show broadcast

Sales Concept 5

“Official Tailgate Center”

Property Objectives:

Bring in a retail grocery partner (A traditionally difficult category)

Sales Concept or Strategy:

“The Homeland OU Football Tailgate Headquarters”


Homeland Supermarkets would become the preferred grocery of OU Football. Each Homeland store would have an OU Football tailgate aisle/section that included traditional tailgate products: beer, soda, chips, charcoal, hotdogs, buns, etc. This aisle or section would be OU branded with OU POP material.


To further drive traffic to the stores, customers would be able to register for an “OU Ticket Tailgate Pack” at their local Homeland. A winner would be drawn before each OU home game. This Tailgate Pack would include:

  • 4 Tickets
  • 1 parking pass
  • OU Apparel
  • Cooler full of participating vendors tailgating items

Homeland Supermarkets

Sponsor’s Objectives:

To heighten their brand awareness and drive traffic to their stores throughout the state without having to invest incremental marketing dollars. They were able to take the concept and sell it to their vendors, giving Homeland the opportunity to not only pay for the sponsorship but to make incremental revenue. The vendors, such as Coke, Lay’s, Kraft, Kingsford, Budweiser were happy to pay for the exclusive opportunity to be part of the program because it guaranteed them more floor space in the stores and only one vendor per category was allowed.

Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • 2 :30’s during each broadcast
  • 10 :10 promos weekly leading up to each game broadcast
  • 1 :30 during the Coach Stoops Coach’s Show


Sales Concept 6 

Sponsorship of Recipe Competition



Sales Concept or Strategy:

MN Pork Producers has been a sponsor for a long time. They were looking for a way to generate more excitement about pork. The strategy is to run a fun promotion during the home big ten games where fans would register their favorite pork recipe on the web site, 3 would be selected to come have their dish sampled during our pre-game radio broadcast. 3 winners will come back to the final home game with their dish and the winner will receive 2 season football tickets to the 2009 season in the new TCF Bank Stadium.


Pork Producers

Sponsor’s Objectives:

Generate more interest in pork. Use to run a promotion and have some pork sampling live on the radio. They also want the opportunity to hand out favorite pork recipes.

Media/Promotional Elements:
  • Minimum 15 weekly mentions leading up to contest
  • 1 local, opening billboard during each football broadcast
  • 4 :30’s during each football broadcast
  • adjacency to Daily Update to run throughout the football season

Sales Concept 7 

Retirement Home sponsored Birthdays


Create a concept for a client that has been interested in a partnership but was looking for a “good fit”

Sales Concept or Strategy:

Oaknoll is a retirement community for persons 62 and older. Many of their residents and target market attended non revenue athletic events in addition to football and basketball. They also wanted a way to generate leads for potential residents and increase their web presence.

We proposed a Today show Willard Scott Smuckers birthday concept for in venue or radio and having people sign up via “Golden Hawkeye Birthdays”. Oaknoll is following up with a birthday card to everyone that submits a birthday even though only the first 10 per game will be chosen.

Sponsor’s Objectives:
  • Showcase residents
  • Provide leads
  • Drive traffic to their web site
  • Create a promotion that can become a fixture/ long term partnership
  • Showcase their brand to their target audience
Media/Promotional/Merchandising Elements:
  • Weekly radio feature
  • 1 :30 adjacent to Daily Update
  • 2 :30’s in each game broadcast